Meet the Kiteessence Crew – Roman


Roman Deak – Kiteessence founder, rider & instructor


Rider’s Profile :

Name: Roman Deak


How long have you been kitsurfing?

8 years

What gear are you riding?

For the last 3 years Slingshot Rallys and defo in love with Slingshot Turbines. New 15m is sweet .

NHP board from Nobile.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? What are you doing in life besides kitesurfing?

I love to ski and travel. But have to work as well.

When did you start kitesurfing  and what inspired you to do such a “different” sport?

Round 2007, sea and ocean have always amazed me, as well as water sports in general. Add trill of speed and jumps,  add kite flying into it and you have the answer.

How often do you go kitesurfing?

Not often enough… Everytime I can. In good week I could spend 4 days on water, but not every week is Christmas.

Do you do any other sports that help you to be physically fit for Kiteboarding?

I do cycling, I go regularly to the gym and play squash.

Your favourite trick?

I think megaloop… Nothing like that yank!

What is your favourite kitesurfing spot?

World is too big to choose only one but really enjoyed Kalpythia in Sri Lanka.

What do you like about kitesurfing in Ireland?

I love the sea and ocean, and living in front of most popular spot on east coast (Dollymount beach) I couldnt off been any better. Weather, friends, wind cosistency, freedom. Uniqueness of windy days with that yellow ball in the sky. It’s also amazing to see how sport developed in recent years.


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