Meet the Kiteessence Crew – Alex


Alex Niznik  – Kiteessence rider & kitesurfing instructor


Rider’s Profile :

Name: Alex Niznik

Age: 19

How long you’ve been kitsurfing: 5 years

What gear are you riding? Slingshot RPM + Slingshot Asylum 138 + Slingshot RAD boots

When did you start kitesurfing  and what inspired you to do such a “different” sport?

My father started kitesurfing in 2008, and since then he always tried to make me share his passion on various holidays, but I only got on the board in 2011. I was only 14 so there wasn’t anything really inspiring about it, just a pastime.

How often do you go kitesurfing?

Whenever there is wind! I usually do 2 sessions a week, but if there’s more wind then I go more often

Do you do any other sports that help you be  physically  fit for  Kiteboard?

I go to the gym twice a week and I do some working out at home, that would be all

Your favourite trick?

That would probably be the inverted frontroll

What is your favourite kitesurfing spot?

Zanzibar, Paje

What do you like about kitesurfing in Ireland?

The insanely strong wind!


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