Hover Glide NF2

Refined by legendary Slingshot designer and foiling aficionado, Tony Logosz, the Hover Glide is a high-performance foil that delivers early takeoff, stable handling and smooth maneuverability. With decades of R&D experience and an intimate knowledge of foil dynamics, Logosz is an authority in foil design. He developed the Hover Glide for all-around performance freeriding, using aluminum mast and fuselage and composite components that make this the most affordable and robust foil of its class and caliber on the market.

The Hover Glide features a 35.5-inch mast and a classic front-J gullwing shape with swept wings, mild winglets off the front and arching rear wings. The result is an incredibly stable foil with a medium top-end speed and a solid all-around feel. It can be mounted on any of Slingshot’s foil-specific boards and features separate fuselage and wing components that can be broken-down into three parts for easy storage/transport and replaced if needed.

Unique to the Hover Glide, incremental mast lengths of 15,20 and 30 inches are available in addition to the stock 35.5-inch mast through Slingshot’s exclusive Foiling Flight School program. The 15 and 20 inch masts are primarily designed for entry-level progression, while the 30-inch mast is for progression and shallow-water foiling.

Cast: Slingshot Kite

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