How many people are there in a lesson?

There will be 2-4 people with one instructor in a lesson. We want to offer you the highest standards of kitesurfing lessons.

Do I have to be physically fit to learn kitesurfing?

Today all around the world enjoying this sport over 200.000 riders of all ages and its fastest grooving sport. Improvement of this sport is still in process of grooving and everybody is very excited about what future will bring. It is basically mix of surfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing. Actually the best of each… It’s more about technique then physical condition.

Do I have to have my own wetsuit when I come to the lesson?

No, you don’t. We offer wetsuits, harnesses, helmets and safety vests to all our students.

Where do you do the lessons?

Our lessons take place mostly on Dollymount Beach (Clontarf) or rarely in Sutton. Please check the tab “About Courses” to see the map.

Is Kitesurfing dangerous?

Like any other sports it comes with its dangers. You are dealing with aprox. 10 square meters kite and 4 times 25m lines. Safety levels today are high, thanks to excellent quality of safety release systems. However, you always have to take care about everything and everybody around you while kitesurfing! You can ride fast, jump high or just cruising and enjoying freedom and wind…but take care and respect others!

What equipment do I need for the lesson?

For good and safe kitesurfing you need kite, harness, wetsuit, gloves and shoes (in colder months), helmet, life jacket and of course kiteboard. You can easily pack all your stuff even in to small car and just head to the beach. Size of board, kite or harness its good to consult with somebody experienced. It is very important to use right sizes of equipment and know the techniques and rules on the water.

Do you provide equipment for the course?

The following equipment is included in the price of the course: wetsuit, floating vest, helmet, harness, kite, bar. We don’t offer neopren boots, hoodies nor gloves. If you easily get cold, you might want to buy them in our shop for heavily discounted prices!

What weather conditions are needed for a session?

There are two things necessary to kitesurf: water and wind! We want to make our courses as effective as possible and to ensure your quick progress we carefully watch the weather conditions. Ideal wind speed for us is 12-30 knots. If the wind is not strong enough, you’d struggle keeping the kite in the air, if the wind is too strong, the conditions make kite control very difficult. We organize our sessions only in good weather conditions so it might happen, that we postpone or reschedule your session just to make sure you get the best value for the price you pay us.