New 2015 Slingshot Fuel

The 2015 Slingshot Fuel has set the standard for C kite design for the last 13 years. The 2015 Fuel now includes a radically new bridling concept. The Fuel is the first C kite to employ Slingshots NEW Nitrous 4 point pulleyless bridle system. This system allows you to run your Fuel two different ways. First, is in Nitrous mode with the bridle installed. Second, is in traditional C kite direct connect mode with the bridle removed.

The first thing dedicated hard core riders will notice about the 2015 Fuel is the Nitrous bridle comes installed but according to Slingshot Kite Designer Tony Logosz – “The Fuel in Nitrous mode will deliver explosive pop, massive travel, and for the first time, you get incredible range. Nothing is sacrificed with looping speed or turnability. Basically it makes the Fuel fly like an RPM on Steroids.”

Slingshot rider Eric Rienstra is killing it


Slingshot’s rider Eric Rienstra IS kiteboarding. When the park is set and the cameras are rolling, like a good AK-47 The Predator goes Fully Automatic.

This year was perhaps the Predator’s best lap around the sun yet. Scoring sessions from South America to Europe and back to the US again, he was unstoppable, and his massive stack of footage shows it. Fully Automatic is compiled from footage shot in Cape Hatteras and Brazil and shows that if you have a kicker and some wind, The Predator will be knocking.

Kite: Slingshot Fuel

Board: Slingshot Crisis, Slingshot Darko, Slingshot Asylum

Boots: Slingshot RAD

New 2015 Nobile Saudade Collection is here

We happy to announce that 2015 Nobile Collection is here.

Saudade is a word of Portuguese origin which doesn’t  have equivalent in any other language. It means longing suspended between nostalgia and joy caused by soon encounter with someone or something we are emotionally bound with. For us Saudade is a yearning for hot summer sun, wind and water. And for the best sport in the world: the kiteboarding.

2015 Saudade Collection Overview



2015 Slingshot Rally

It’s finally here!

New Slingshot Rally 2015 is still one of the most versatile kites ever produced! 2015 Rally defines “confidence” for kiters of all ability levels.


2014 Dakine Harnesses Collection is here!


Below you can find new Dakine Pyro and Renegade reviews:


What we like:

The Pyro is pre curved into the shape of your back and packed with support. This makes the Pyro a really excellent choice for anyone who spends a lot of time on the water. Don’t worry, this doesn’t add weight or restrict your movement. We like that the Pyro is designed not to slip or move so once it’s on, you’re locked in for the duration of your session.

We’re big fans of the new spreader bar/pad system, which really helps stop the bar from riding up into your chest.

Inside Information:
Make sure you don’t size your Pyro too big. When you first get your harness you should just be able to close the Velcro power belt – that’s a sign of a good fit.

The dual compression straps take a little more time to lock down than a wide single strap but are less likely to loosen during your session so your patience will be rewarded!

Why you want the Dakine Pyro:
When you go to a restaurant, it’s often advisable to ask the waiter what his favorite item on the menu is… that’s how we feel about the Pyro. With lots of our team riding this harness this year, it gets our pick as a top recommendation.


What we like:
The Renegade is extremely comfortable and lightweight without shedding the support. Stacking it up against the Pyro, the Renegade does have a shorter back, which we like for the added range of movement.

Another aspect that puts the Renegade high up on the happy scale is the durability. It’s very common to get multiple seasons of solid use out of the Renegade without experiencing much wear and tear. When you combine that with the price tag, it’s excellent value for money.

Inside Information:
If you spend a lot of time riding without a wetsuit, you will appreciate that the Renegade will slide around instead of remaining fixed when you’re riding toeside or taking long tacks. The result is that is often feels like the Renegade is working with you, not against you.





As the guys at Nobile say, the 2013 NHP offers the ultimate mix of pop, carving and control. It is a high performance board, constructed using a cutting edge technology and top quality fabrics. After all, NHP stands for Nobile High Performance.

The board is engineered using a Paukownia wood core plus triaxial glass and honeycomb layers and ABS sidewalls. Special Carbon and Kevlar Strings form an X-React system which makes the board extremely responsive. This structure makes the NHP extremely durable and light and generates massive pop for huge jumps and technical tricks.

The HNP is a perfect freestyle all rounder, which can perform the toughest tricks with ease. The outline of the board has been adjusted to offer improved pop, speed and control, to make sure it offers an outstanding performance in world class competitions. The board is not only powerful and fast, but also comfortable. It also has impressive grip at high speeds and does not spray almost at all.

The NHP features a special tip design which improves control and stability. The board is able to push upwind with ease and it is easy to edge. A great thing about the NHP is that it offers the same unrivalled performance in both flat water and choppy conditions.