2016 Slingshot Wave SST review

2016 Slingshot Wave SST

At A Glance

The new Wave SST from Slingshot is the first surf-orientated kite they have made, SST stands for Slingshot Surf Technology. The kite itself borrows DNA from the Rally and the RPM with a compact direct connect bridal and a Compact C canopy profile. It is, however, a totally new beast in its own right.

Slingshot Wave SST

Slingshot have always been famous for their Surf Tough Construction and the Wave SST has been built with heavy conditions in mind. The canopy is made from a new heavy duty Rip Stop Surf Grid material and extra panels have been used in a gridded quilt pattern to provide unparalleled strength.

Slingshot Wave SST

While it is built tough however, it is also light; three integrated SplitStruts help to reduce the overall weight. The IRS bridle that was launched on the new RPM has been tweaked specifically for the Wave SST. It’s been shortened so there is no danger of it wrapping around the tips if the kite gets rolled in the surf.

Back in 2004 Slingshot pioneered the One-Pump system, for 2016 a fast inflation valve has been added so pumping up the 8m takes no time at all. Kevlar reinforcements have been placed on the critical areas to ensure a long life and the kite is available in 4 sizes, 6m, 8m, 10m and 12m.

The Bar

Kite bars are important to me as a rider, you spend your entire session interacting with them and yet they are all so different. I’m always on the look out for the perfect bar, and the 2016 Compstick from Slingshot comes pretty close… In the past I’ve never really been a massive fan of below-the-bar depower set ups, so seeing a new quick release mechanism and an above-the-bar depower tweaked my interest early on. The floats are integrated into the bar horns and the whole set up feels very polished.

The new Sentinel chicken loop release system is a push-away affair with a line twist module on the top. It works brilliantly and we can’t find fault at all here. The EVA grip on the bar is tougher than some on the market, but still very comfortable and the depower above the bar features a moveable trim block so you can lower it if you have short arms to ensure it is easy to reach.

Oh, and it’s got magnets… Yep MAGNETS! Best idea ever for keeping the depower rope tidy, where others use Velcro that inevitably snags the lines and eventually becomes less efficient Slingshot have used two magnets to ensure the depower rope stays where you want it to. The whole set up is fantastic, one of our favourite bars of 2016 so far…

In The Air

Slingshot Wave SST

If you’ve ridden the Rally or the RPM then you might be surprised when you first fly the Wave SST, it is a totally different animal. First up the kite feels very solid in the air, even in gusty conditions it is well behaved and the IRS bridle works to smooth out the bumps in the air. The other impressive thing about the kite is the huge wind range it has.

Slingshot Wave SST

I took the kite on a month long trip to Western Australia and the 8m was the only kite I took. We had it out in maxed conditions with full depower and also on days when riders were on 10’s and 12’s. The top end range of the kite is immense and the low end of the 8m is pretty good too. However, the kite does behave a little differently at either end of the wind range.

At the low end, we feel the kite performs at it’s best, which suits its wave credentials. When there is no depower engaged the kite is dynamic and responsive. When the kite is at the top of its range though you really need to engage a lot of positive bar input to initiate the turns and this can take some getting used to.

After a couple of days riding the Wave SST, we were dialled into it and it is very different from a lot of the wave kites we have flown. The throw on the bar is quite long, so as you hit the top turn sometimes it doesn’t depower as much as you might expect it to. These characteristics threw us off at first, but once we were in tune with the Wave SST, we began to fall in love.

Even maxed out if you put the correct amount of input into the bar you can have the kite flying around the window as you ride the wave. The steering became intuitive and the kite started to feel like an extension of our arm. Perhaps the most impressive thing though was the drifting abilities. This kite floats in the air like a balloon as the lines go slack and we had moments where we felt sure we were going to put it through the rinse cycle. Instead, it hung, as if suspended on strings, long enough for us to get the lines in order and engage the power once again.

We took the kite out on a twin tip, just to see how it behaved and discovered this is a thoroughbred machine as the name suggests. It does jump, and you can unhook with it, but it won’t set your world on fire unless you are ripping it up on a surfboard in some good swell. As the name suggests this kite is meant to be ridden in the waves and that is where it performs best.

Slingshot Wave SST

It’s a fantastic park-and-ride wave kite, and once you are dialled into the handling it’s a very good turn and carve machine too. We think the Wave SST will suit a variety of riders, but be prepared to discover something a little different if you are switching from the Rally. The handling is quite unique.

Relaunch, as you would expect, is fantastic, we rolled it in the waves once (sorry Slingshot), but it came out smelling of roses and we didn’t get the bridle tangled at all. A bit of playing on the beach revealed there is pretty much zero chance of the bridle catching, so if you want to take this kite out of your comfort zone, you can rest assured it will have your back!


Huge top end wind range, dynamic handling at the lower end and amazing drift capabilities. One of the best bars on the marketplace right now compliments the kite to create a fantastic overall package.


Handling is a little slower at the top end of the range; this can be accounted for with more dynamic bar input though.


I was won over by the Wave SST during our few months with it, it’s a very different kite, but it does what it says on the tin exceptionally well. The drift and float down the line is very impressive for a kite that has been so well made. The bar is one of my favourites on the market at the moment, and this combined with an awesome kite makes for a compelling set-up!

This review was in Issue 55 of IKSURFMAG. For more information visit SlingshotKites.

2016 Alien Air

The Alien Air is 4’8” X 21.5. It is a surf style board designed for all aspects of foiling. It’s flip tip snub nose design offers decreased swing weight and still offers confidence for touch and goes with the foil. The chined rail bottom feature helps reduce drag if the board touches the water while aggressively edging through big chop. Constructed with durable carbon composite rails and strut reinforcements. It has a concave deck, full deck pad, and footstrap inserts. The Alien Air can be ridden with 3 straps (race style) 2 straps (surf style) or strapless.

Cast: Slingshot Kite and Patrick Wieland

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2016 Dwarfcraft

Featuring the same high-end construction as Slingshot’s lineup of wakesurfers, the Dwarf Craft comes in two different lengths to appeal to two different styles of foiling. The 42” is designed for skilled riders who want a short, playful and very agile board that will feel similar to a wakeskate and is an ideal size for traveling, while the 54” is a more traditional all-around board that will appeal to a wide range of users and perform well in any condition.The Dwarf Craft employs Slingshot’s rugged EPS core and fiberglass-wrapped construction and is inlaid with PVC stringers for added torsional strength and durability. The board is thinner, lighter and narrower than the Alien Air, making it a great choice for riders looking for a lower-profile and, subsequently, lower priced ride.Design features include aggressively chined rails to create a separate edging surface when the board touches the water while edging on the foil, moderate front-end rocker to help prevent pearling and nose-diving, an adjustable strut mount that allows the foil to be moved forward and aft depending on rider preferences and skill level, foot strap inserts that can be setup in two-strap (surf style) or three-strap (race style)configurations and a full-length EVA deck pad and concave deck that functions similar to a skateboard in providing turning and edge control with very subtle movement.

Cast: Slingshot Kite

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Slingshot’s Learn to Fly – Foiling Flight School

Slingshot’s exclusive Foiling Flight School program takes much of the pain and frustration out of learning to foil. You wouldn’t learn your first kite skills with a full size kite, so why learn the basics of foiling with a full size mast?
With Foiling Flight School, you have access to three supplemental masts (15, 24 and 30 inch) in addition to the full 35.5-inch one that come stock with Slingshot’s Hover Glide foil. The ability to start with a shorter, more manageable mast and progress in length as your skills progress will help dramatically in developing the basic coordination and muscle memory required to become a proficient foiler.Foiling Flight School is guaranteed to get you up and foiling faster, easier and with less pain and frustration than with any full-sized foil on the market.Flight School Package: Comes with 15, 24 and 30 inch masts which can quickly and easily be installed on the Hover Glide’s stock pedestal and foil assembly.

Cast: Slingshot Kite and Patrick Wieland

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Hover Glide NF2

Refined by legendary Slingshot designer and foiling aficionado, Tony Logosz, the Hover Glide is a high-performance foil that delivers early takeoff, stable handling and smooth maneuverability. With decades of R&D experience and an intimate knowledge of foil dynamics, Logosz is an authority in foil design. He developed the Hover Glide for all-around performance freeriding, using aluminum mast and fuselage and composite components that make this the most affordable and robust foil of its class and caliber on the market.

The Hover Glide features a 35.5-inch mast and a classic front-J gullwing shape with swept wings, mild winglets off the front and arching rear wings. The result is an incredibly stable foil with a medium top-end speed and a solid all-around feel. It can be mounted on any of Slingshot’s foil-specific boards and features separate fuselage and wing components that can be broken-down into three parts for easy storage/transport and replaced if needed.

Unique to the Hover Glide, incremental mast lengths of 15,20 and 30 inches are available in addition to the stock 35.5-inch mast through Slingshot’s exclusive Foiling Flight School program. The 15 and 20 inch masts are primarily designed for entry-level progression, while the 30-inch mast is for progression and shallow-water foiling.

Cast: Slingshot Kite

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2016 SuperGrom

Designed specifically for our hard-charging youngsters, the Super Grom is a scaled-down twin tip with the same rock solid construction Slingshot is renowned for. Offered in 125 and 130cm lengths, the 2016 Super Grom features a continuous rocker profile, soft flex, embossed bottom channels and a beefed-up ES base ready to withstand whatever punishment our next generation of rippers is ready to throw at it. Like all Slingshot twin tips, the Super Grom is built in the USA and features wood core construction that gives the board unmatched durability and flex characteristics.

Cast: Slingshot Kite

2016 Turbine

The 2016 Turbine redefines the meaning of light-wind kiting. With its Open Delta C profile, five-point cascading bridle system, mini-strut technology and optimized aspect ratio and leading edge diameter, the 2016 Turbine will not only get you out kiting in winds as low as five knots, but you’ll have a blast doing it. This combination of critical design characteristics favors ultimate efficiency and optimized control and handling, giving the Turbine its renowned low-end power and grunt while maintaining the turning speed and efficiency that makes it the king of light-wind performance.

Cast: Slingshot Kite