It’s more about technique then muscles

Today all around the world enjoying this sport over 200 000 riders of all ages and its fastest grooving sport. Improvement of this sport is still in process of grooving and everybody is very excited about what future will bring. It is basically mix of surfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing. Actually the best of each… It’s more about technique then physical condition. However to be fit is always good and kitesurfing will definitely help you with that.

What is training about?

Our kitesurfing lessons are customized to exact needs of our students. We teach on high standards of IKO training programs. Please check ourlessons section, to see what we can offer you. If you are still not sure, don’t worry, just give us call and we will help you find out the right fun for you.


For good and safe kitesurfing you need kite, harness, wet suit, gloves and shoes (in colder months), helmet, life jacket and of course kiteboard.

You can easily pack all your stuff even in to small car and just head to the beach. Size of board, kite or harness its good to consult with somebody experienced. It is very important to use right sizes of equipment and know the techniques and rules on the water.

Simple start safe!

Is it dangerous?

Like any other sports it comes with its dangers. You are dealing with aprox. 10 square meters kite and 4 times 25m lines. Safety levels today are high, thanks to excellent quality of safety release systems. However, you always have to take care about everything and everybody around you while kitesurfing! You can ride fast, jump high or just cruising and enjoying freedom and wind…but take care and respect others!

We highly recommend taking kitesurfing lessons if you want to start!
It’s safest and fastest way how to discover beauty of kitesurfing. You will receive proper and qualified training. You will be insured and under supervision of experienced instructor. You will be using high quality kitesurfing equipment available (kite, board, harness, helmet…).


Our kitesurfing lessons take place on Dollymount strand (Bull Island), best spot on east coast for kitesurfing.

If its blowing north western winds we will teach at Sutton (Burrow Beach), near Howth cross, north of Dublin.

Dollymount strand (Bull Island) is 5 km long sandy beach with little dunes on eastern shore.

10 minutes drive from city or take a short trip by bus number 130 from Abbey street. It is a great spot to learn kitesurfing.Especially on low tide, when water is shallow, far from shore. You can enjoy kitesurfing here with most wind directions from southwest to northeast.

Sutton, (Burrow beach) is a sandy beach approximately 1.2 km’s in length.  The beach is easily accessed and Sutton town is served by the No. 31 and No. 31B bus service from Dublin City Centre. There is also a regular DART service from Sutton DART station to the city centre.

Water on low tide can be sometimes very shallow. In medium and high tide the beach is great for kitesurfing too. Water is bit choppy to flat. You can have a nice day on water here with northwestern winds.