What is it about?

Our kitesurfing courses are customized to exact needs of our students. We teach on high standards of IKO training programs. If reading this section doesn’t give you enough information or if you are still not sure, don’t worry, just email us on info@kiteessence.ie and we will help you to find out the right course for you.

Discovery Level

Discovery session is a 2h long session on the beach. The student gains basic skills and knowledge about Kitesurfing while experiencing thrill and fun of flying a training kite. During this land based course our students learn the theory of kitesurfing, discover the equipment, learn about the safety features, the weather, spot assessment etc. The session is an excellent introduction to the world of Kitesurfing. Wind, beach, and kites that`s all ingredients for a great 2h fun!
Price: 100€

Kitesurfing Experience

This us a great session for everyone who’d like to get a taste of kitesurfing. If you’re unsure if kitesurfing is the right sport for you, this course is an excellent opportunity to find out! During the session you’ll spend 2 hours on the beach, learning kitesurfing theory, weather theory, equipment features as well as practicing the basic skills with a training kite. Afterwards we’ll change into wetsuits and jump into the water with an inflatable kite and work on kite control and practice your first body drags. Within the time of the session you’ll experience the feeling of kitesurfing and you’ll be able to answer the question, if this sports is for you!

Price: 170€

Intermediate Level

This course is combined of 4h Kitesurfing Experience session and a 3h water session. During the first two hours the student learns kitesurfing theory, weather theory, equipment features as well as practices the basic skills with a training kite. Afterwards we’ll change into wetsuits and jump into the water with an inflatable kite and work on kite control and practice your first body drags. The first session takes 4 hours and is usually completed within one day. The next session takes 3 hours and includes practice with an inflatable kite in the water (kite control, body drags, kite re-launch etc.). After the Intermediate Level sessions the students will have solid idea of flying a kite and good kite control. The next step after this course is the practice of water starts in the water.

Price: 250€

Independent Kitesurfer

If you really want to become a kitesurfer, you will definitely need to go for this complete kitesurfing lesson package which includes a full training from trainer kite, progressing to stand up on kiteboard. We recommended this course to everybody who wants to become an independent, responsible and confident kitesurfer. The course takes 13 hours and is usually split into 4 days.

Price: 425€

Private session

If you prefer to have private sessions with your instructor then group course, we’re happy to arrange it! We always try to adjust the level of the session to the students, but with a private session you’ll get an even more tailored approach to assure a speedy progress and great learning experience.

Price: 80€/1h (up to 20% discount if you book more)


Our kitesurfing lessons take place on Dollymount strand (Bull Island), best spot on east coast for kitesurfing.

If its blowing north western winds we will teach at Sutton (Burrow Beach), near Howth cross, north of Dublin.

Dollymount strand (Bull Island) is 5 km long sandy beach with little dunes on eastern shore.

10 minutes drive from city or take a short trip by bus number 130 from Abbey street. It is a great spot to learn kitesurfing.Especially on low tide, when water is shallow, far from shore. You can enjoy kitesurfing here with most wind directions from southwest to northeast.

Sutton, (Burrow beach) is a sandy beach approximately 1.2 km’s in length.  The beach is easily accessed and Sutton town is served by the No. 31 and No. 31B bus service from Dublin City Centre. There is also a regular DART service from Sutton DART station to the city centre.

Water on low tide can be sometimes very shallow. In medium and high tide the beach is great for kitesurfing too. Water is bit choppy to flat. You can have a nice day on water here with northwestern winds.