New 2015 Slingshot Fuel

The 2015 Slingshot Fuel has set the standard for C kite design for the last 13 years. The 2015 Fuel now includes a radically new bridling concept. The Fuel is the first C kite to employ Slingshots NEW Nitrous 4 point pulleyless bridle system. This system allows you to run your Fuel two different ways. First, is in Nitrous mode with the bridle installed. Second, is in traditional C kite direct connect mode with the bridle removed.

The first thing dedicated hard core riders will notice about the 2015 Fuel is the Nitrous bridle comes installed but according to Slingshot Kite Designer Tony Logosz – “The Fuel in Nitrous mode will deliver explosive pop, massive travel, and for the first time, you get incredible range. Nothing is sacrificed with looping speed or turnability. Basically it makes the Fuel fly like an RPM on Steroids.”

Slingshot rider Eric Rienstra is killing it


Slingshot’s rider Eric Rienstra IS kiteboarding. When the park is set and the cameras are rolling, like a good AK-47 The Predator goes Fully Automatic.

This year was perhaps the Predator’s best lap around the sun yet. Scoring sessions from South America to Europe and back to the US again, he was unstoppable, and his massive stack of footage shows it. Fully Automatic is compiled from footage shot in Cape Hatteras and Brazil and shows that if you have a kicker and some wind, The Predator will be knocking.

Kite: Slingshot Fuel

Board: Slingshot Crisis, Slingshot Darko, Slingshot Asylum

Boots: Slingshot RAD

New 2015 Nobile Saudade Collection is here

We happy to announce that 2015 Nobile Collection is here.

Saudade is a word of Portuguese origin which doesn’t  have equivalent in any other language. It means longing suspended between nostalgia and joy caused by soon encounter with someone or something we are emotionally bound with. For us Saudade is a yearning for hot summer sun, wind and water. And for the best sport in the world: the kiteboarding.

2015 Saudade Collection Overview