We have best Kitesurfing Brands:
Slingshot, Nobile, CrazyFly, Billabong. Ask for equipment test!


Learn with IKO instructors and get your own certification.



Want to test the gear before you get your own one? Need it only for a short time? Check our rental offer.

IKO Certification

You will learn with IKO instructors. All equipment needed for lessons including kites, boards, harnesses and protection gear is provided. Transfer to the beach is available from Dublin city centre and surrounding areas. During the lesson you are covered by insurance.

By the end of session, our students will be qualified and certified by IKO Kiteboarder Card up to level 3, and will become a part of International Kiteboarding Organization community. Certification standards are designed to validate the student’s achievements on the Kiteboarder Card from your first piloting to your first jump.

For more details go to IKO website.

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About Us

Kiteessence is a fast growing kitesurfing company created by people
who love kiting, for people who want to try this adrenaline feeling and taste of excitement.

We specialize in providing professional kitesurfing lessons with IKO qualified instructors in Dublin Bay.

  • IKO Certifications

    IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) is the leading global organization that promotes and develops Kitesurfing worldwide. It’s present in over 40 countries, IKO set an International Quality Label that recognizes proper learning Standards for Kitesurfers, as well professional teaching skills and logistic for Instructors and Schools. We have been certifying students and riders with the IKO Card for the last 3 years.

  • Friendly Community

    Irish Kitesurfers make an awesome community of people who share the same passion, have fun each other and support each other.

  • Wonderfull Places

    Kitesurfing allows you to travel around the world with your kite and explore new places in a very original way! The first place you should explore is of course the lovely Dollymount Beach in Dublin!

What others say about us


“Would definitely recommend!”
Very good, comprehensive lessons! Really brought me forward. Kitesurfing’s an amazing sport. If you’re around Dublin and want to learn – definitely get in touch with Roman!

Grrrrr,Uppsala, Sweden

“Kiteboarding lessons Dublin”
I met roman on a wet windy and cold day just after Christmas 2010, it was a miserable day for a lesson, but roman’s quiet enthusiasm, professionalism and care turned it into a great day. I learned alot, progressed well and had a really enjoyable time. Roman is a good solid bloke. Cheers mate

Kate F

“If you have often ‘wondered’ about trying kitesurfing – stop wondering and call Roman !”
I was in the ‘maybe’ category regarding trying kite-surfing in Ireland until I picked up a card for Kitessence on a shop counter. Initially I tried one lesson of two hours and then another and another….

Kate FDublin
Daniel R.

“Best experience ever”
Roman is a fantastic surfer and an excellent teacher. I’d recommend them to anyone. I was a beginner and they were very patient with me and I got to use the best equipment on the market. My safety was their number one priority. Since my lessons Kite surfing is my life and I now have my own equipment which I purchased from Kite Essence.

Daniel R.